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Lots of Information worth looking at (newsletter, District and Regional pairings, etc..)
Meet the Falcons
Calendar of events, Results, and Standings
Stats (will be hard to maintain accurate stats)
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There probably won't be much in here with all of the publicity wrestling gets
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Who Are You?   Former or Current Ford II Student   Ford teacher, coach, etc..   Not from Ford II H.S.
What is your favorite move from your feet?
What is your favorite move from bottom?
What is your favorite move from top?
What do you do in the winter?   Wrestle   Swim   Basketball   Volleyball
Who has the best wrestling squad in the White?
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Favorite Moves:
Standing:  High Crotch       (6)
           Double Leg        (4)
           Headlock          (2)
           Fireman           (1)
           Single            (1)
           ┐Powerbomb?       (1)

Top:       Cradle            (4)
           Power-Half        (3)
           Leg in Power Half (3)
           Three Quarters    (1)
           ┐Butt Drag?       (1)

Bottom:    Stand-Up          (9)
           Switch            (5)
           Backout           (1)
           Hipheist          (1)
           ┐Full Nelson?     (1)

The tallies for "Best team in the White"
Henry Ford II        (9)
Grosse Pointe North  (5)
Centerline           (2)
Anchor Bay           (1)
Chippewa Valley      (1)
East Detroit         (0)
Eisenhower           (0)
Richmond             (0)
Utica                (0)