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Past This Week's Wrap-Up
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This Week's Wrap-Up(11/29/98-12/5/98)

The Falcons opened their season Thursday with a huge opening day victory at home against Richmond. The Falcon's seniors scored 24 of Ford's 44 points in the 44-34 win.
The match was close the entire way until the middle weights, with Ford winning the 135, 140, 152, and 160 pound weights. The Falcon's experienced line-up got pins from from Nick Miles, Scott Scalici, Aaron Howe, and Brad Moehlig. Other wins included Dave Moylan's and Dan Tibitoski's voids, and Brian Mills's and Dennis Hunko's major decision victories.
Ford heads into Saturday 1-0 in the league (MAC White) and overall. They are hosting the first annual Falcon Invitational. This individual tourney will feature eight teams; Ford II, Eisenhower, Utica, Warren Mott, Plymouth Canton, Imlay City, Anchor Bay, and Stevenson.

This Saturday's tournament was a great success for the Ford II Falcons. Thirteen of the Falcons placed out of fourteen weight classes. They came home with a well-deserved First Place Trophy.
Senior Dave Moylan led the way to first, being the first Falcon to take his weight class. Dennis Hunko, Andy Masakowski, and Dan Tibitoski all followed suit each taking first. Other Falcon placers were: Brian Mills (2nd), Mike Alfieri (3rd), Dave Wilt (4th), Nick Miles (2nd), Matt Walter (3rd), Scott Scalici (4th), Aaron Howe (3rd), Brad Moehlig (2nd), and Jim Feeney (4th).
Ford will enter next week with a 1-0 record and a first place trophy under their belt. They will do battle with Grosse Pointe North this Tuesday. Grosse Pointe has defeated Ford BIG in the past two seasons, but this year Ford is stacked, and Grosse Pointe has lost a lot of great wrestlers. It will definitely be a close meet.

This Week's Wrap-Up(12/6/98-12/13/98)

The Falcons lost their first dual meet Tuesday against a prepared Grosse Pointe North squad. There were lots of disappointments and little triumphs in the 37-33 loss.
The meet kind of see-sawed the whole way through. The Falcons won 7 weights as did the Norsemen. Wins were as follows: Brian Mills, void; Dave Moylan, pin; Dennis Hunko, minor; Scott Scalici, pin; Dan Tibitoski, tech; Brad Moehlig, major; Jim Feeney, minor.
Ford heads into Thursday 1-1 in the league (MAC White) and overall. They will travel to Utica High School and do battle with the Chieftans. This will be a MAC White Division meet.

Thursday's dual meet was cancelled due to certain things going on at Utica at this time. A make-up date has not been mentioned if there is one. If not, the Falcons move up to 2-1 in the young season.
Ford next meet will be the Macomb County tournament being held at Clintondale. This will be held on December 18th (for those who qualify) through the 19th. Several of the Falcons should do well in the individual tourney which will feature some odd number around 30 or 40 teams. Macomb County could be argued as one of the toughest counties in the state to wrestle in, so it's sure to be a fun tournament to watch.

This Week's Wrap-Up(12/13/98-12/19/98)

Ford heads to Clintondale Friday to compete in the 25th annual Macomb County Invitational. There will be 39 teams competing in the event: Roseville, Mount Clemens, Romeo, Centerline, Lincoln, Grosse Pointe North, Grosse Pointe South, Algonac, Harper Woods, Lutheran East, Lamphere, Marine City, Notre Dame, Port Huron, Port Huron Northern, Anchor Bay, Armada, Chippewa Valley, Clintondale, Cousino, Dakota, East Detroit, Eisenhower, Fitzgerald, Ford, Fraser, Lake Shore, Lakeview, L'Anse Creuse, L'Anse Creuse North, Lutheran North, New Haven, Richmond, Sterling Heights, Stevenson, Utica, Warren Mott, Warren Woods Tower, and Marysville. Hope to see you there.

Well, at the end of the first day of counties Ford will send back 7 of the 12 guys they brought to Clintondale. Brian Mills will be returning at 103 for the second day after going 2-1, Mike Alfieri wrestled a great tournament (being a freshman and all) he went 1-2 on the day, one of the two losses coming from the first seeded Bo Wallace. Dave Moylan kept his successful season going as he will continue to wrestle at 125 in the consolation bracket. Matt Moylan won his first match, but lost his next too -I think. Nick Miles will take his fourth seed to the second day in the championship bracket after winning his first two matches. Dennis Hunko wrestled real well as he went 2-1. Sophomore Matt Walter did a great job as he has all year and will wrestle back tomorrow for a chance at third. Senior Scott Scalici will not be wrestling tomorrow due to an injury suffered in the first period of his first match (this was very unfortunate for the sixth seed considering that I'm him). Senior Aaron Howe lost a tough first match by one point, but being the great wrestler that he is... came back to win his next two against two solid wrestlers. Andy Masakowski, who may have wrestled at possibly the hardest weight class in the tournament, went 1-2. Brad Moehlig went 2-1, therefore he will be back tomorrow to do some damage. Jim Feeney wrestled in his first ever county tournament and went 1-2. Overall, the team has done a great job.
The second day of counties was not nearly as good as the first. With the exception of Nick Miles taking 6th place, no Falcons placed in the tourney. I don't know what exactly they finished as a team, but I'm sure it's around 20th out of 39.
Ford will be on a long vacation since they don't have another meet until January 7. At that time, they will do battle against a real tough Eisenhower team. It should be a close dual that could easily go either way.

This Week's Wrap-Up(12/20/98-12/26/98)

Ford will not have another meet until the new year, January 7, 1999 against Eisenhower. So this entire week will lack any competitions, giving the falcons more time to work on their moves and get in better shape. It may be boring, but it's important.
Since these next couple of weeks will be extremely boring, I will use this time to do a lot of stuff to the webpage- so please continue to check back often.

This Week's Wrap-Up(12/27/98-1/2/99)

The Falcons will entertain Troy Athens on the 30th for a previously unannounced/planned scrimmage. It will be a great way to help out both teams in the same way. It will be done in the Falcon's wrestling room. I have no knowledge on how it'll be run, whether it's like a dual meet, or just a plain old practice but with 2 teams. I'll let you know as soon as I find out tomorrow (12/30/98), and I'll have a little summary of what happened.
Well, the "scrimmage" between the Redhawks and the Falcons was not at all like a dual meet. It was a hard practice with two teams. It went real well, I think that everybody gained just a little bit more than they would've at a normal practice. It was fun for Ford and hopefully for Athens as well to have something a little bit different every now and then. Good luck to everyone at Troy Athens this season!

This Week's Wrap-Up(1/3/99-1/9/99)

Ford II will host Eisenhower Thursday (1/7/99). This dual meet will be a huge one for both teams. Ike is undefeated in the White, and Ford has one loss. Ike has some really tough kids on their team, Coach Drath does a great job with them. Coach Fettig has always done a great job with Ford. The weights stack up real nice, so there should be a lot of good matches.

Well, as expected there were a lot of close matches as Ford beat Eisenhower 37-27. The Falcons built up a good, solid lead early on to make it a little easier for everybody else. Scott Mills accepted a void at 103 to put Ford up 6-0, and his older brother added to it with a 1:56 pin over Derek Jetzke. Eisenhower broke into the scoreboard with Tony Delegato minor decisioning freshmen Mike Alfieri, but wrestled really well after bumping up a weight class. Senior Chris Maiorano accepted the void at 125. At 130, Dave Moylan minored Derek Shinkai for the Falcons. Falcon Nick Miles majored Ike's Ryan Jubb at 135 extending Ford's lead to 22 points. Dennis Hunko wrestled well, but lost to a tough Gerry Kozak (5th in the County) by a 7-2 score. At 145, Falcon Matt Walter and Don Mertz wrestled back and forth until Matt got caught and pinned. At 152, Scott Scalici let a 4-1 lead slip through his hands as Nathan Thompson wrestled real well to come from behind and beat Scott 5-4. Ford voided to Dave Jozefiak at 160. Aaron Howe got those points back in his next match at 171 against Andy Megel in a 5:34 pin. After 1:52, Andy Masakowski lost to Brad Chuminatto to help Ike trim the lead to 4. Brad Moehlig sealed the deal with a 5-3 win over Sean Burke in their rematch of the Falcon Invitational finals (Burke pinned Moehlig). Another turnaround victory was heavyweight Jim Feeney defeating Jeff Benetau 8-2, Benetau beat Feeney earlier in the year 14-5. This finished out the meet as Ford beat Ike 37-27. Ford will be in action Saturday (1/9/99) in the Troy Invitational which will feature just over 20 teams. Hope to see you there!
I'm going to be brief because I've got a lot of updating to do. The Falcons placed the following wrestlers: Nick Miles and Brad Moehlig took 4th; Dennis Hunko took 5th; Aaron Howe took 6th. Ford took 9th as a team.

This Week's Wrap-Up(1/10/99-1/16/99)

The meet against Centerline will be made up later in the year (January 26).
Ford wrestled real well at Grosse Pointe placing 9 wrestlers. There weren't team awards, but if there were Ford would've been one of the top few teams. At 103, Brian Mills (2nd) and Mike Alfieri (4th) both placed. Dave Moylan took an 8th after being hurt in the quarterfinals, and he defaulted the rest of his matches. Nick Miles took 2nd and so did 140 pounder Dennis Hunko. At 145, Ford placed two guys at 4th and 5th (Matt Walter-4th, Adam Miles-5th). At 152, Scott Scalici took 3rd. At 215, Brad Moehlig took 2nd. Ford wrestles Anchor Bay Thursday.

This Week's Wrap-Up(1/17/99-1/23/99)

In Macomb County, the Falcons of Henry Ford II are ranked 3rd and the Tars of Achor Bay are ranked 5th. You could've bet your bottom dollar that this would been a close meet. Ford didn't get a single point until the 125 pound match. From then on, Ford started trimming the lead, and woulod eventually take it over. Then, Ford would hang on for the victory by 5 points, 37-32. Winners yesterday (1/21/99) were Matt Moylan, Nick Miles, Dennis Hunko, Matt Walter, Scott Scalici, Aaron Howe, Adam Miles, and Andy Masakowski. Ford will wrestle this Tuesday (1/26/99) at the first place (MAC White) Centerline Panthers.

This Week's Wrap-Up(1/24/99-1/30/99)

Ford II was hosted by the Center Line Panther last night (1/26/99). The matches were an even 7 to 7 split, but the Panthers pinned and the Falcons didn't. The Panthers voided 103 to Mike Alfieri, giving Ford a 6-0 lead. County placer Luke Minor got the points back by pinning Brian Mills. At 119, Center Line took the lead as Josh Thompson got 5 points in the last 10 seconds to beat Chris Maiorano 6-4. Ford tied the score as Dave Moylan minored Brad Thompson. Ford regained the lead winning the next two weights. Matt Moylan decisioned Ryan Black, 7-3, and Nick Miles minored Gordon Graham, 8-2. Graham had just recently beat the then #1 ranked kid, Rocky Palazzolo, in the state. Then, Center Line came back to win the next 4 weights. At 140, Matt Holt (3rd in the county) beat Dennis Hunko; and at 145, Matt Walter lost to Brad Merle. At 152, Mike Johnston (2nd in county) decisioned Scott Scalici, 2-1; and at 160, Elliot Kowalski minored Aaron Howe, 6-3. Ford's Andy Masakowki beat county placer Ray Majszak at 171. Ford voided 189 to John Mulawa to seal the win for Center Line. Brad Moehlig and Jim Feeney both won for Ford to finish out the dual meet. Moehlig avenged his earlier loss to Dan Gourney, 9-7, and Feeney won in double OT, 2-1. All in all, both teams wrestled great. Center Line moves to 11-0, and Ford drops to 3-2. The Falcons will visit Chippewa Valley for another MAC White dual meet Thursday (1/28/99).
Ford defeated Chippewa Valley, 46-19, a few moments ago (1/28/99). It was a close dual for the first seven weights, but then Ford won the next 6 weight classes, 4 via pin. To start off things, Brian Mills won at 103. His little brother wrestled his first varsity match really well, but lost- giving CV a 6-3 lead. At 119, Chris Maiorano picked up his first pin of the season, and Dave Moylan followed with a major decision. Matt Moylan fought real hard against a tough kid to not give up 6 points, and only gave up 4. Nick Miles wrestled a good wrestler (4th at Counties) and came up with a 4-3 win. Dennis Hunko wrestled another one of Chippewa's better wrestlers, and lost 5-1. Then, the Falcons were up only 16-13, but ended up winning the next 6 weights extending the lead to 46-13. With pins by Matt Walter(145), Adam Miles(152), Scott Scalici(160), and Aaron Howe(171), it set the tone for a much lighter Andy Maskaowski(160 pounds) against a heavy 189 pounder. Andy won by a minor decision. Brad Moehlig showed his continuous improvement winning 9-2 in his 215 pound match. Jim Feeney lost to a stud to finish out the dual meet. Ford move up to 4-2 overall and in the league. The Falcons will wrestle next at the Mount Clemens Invitational Saturday (1/30/99).
The Falcons were busy this past Saturday (1/30/99) at Mt. Clemens High School. It's always a real tough tournament, and this year was no exception. The best Falcon finish was by senior Aaron Howe at 160 for 3rd place. Brad Moehlig took a fourth place finish. Dennis Hunko beat a state placer for fifth place at 140. Nick Miles and Scott Scalici both injury defaulted to 6th place. Rookie Jim Feeney also took 6th at Heavy. The Falcons will host East Detroit and Utica on Thursday (2/4/99).

This Week's Wrap-Up(1/31/99-2/6/99)

Ford II upped their 4-2 dual meet record to 6-2 as they defeated visiting Utica and East Detroit Thursday (2/4/99) evening. To start things off, Utica voided the first 2 weights, and Ford countered with a void of their own. Then Utica followed with another 3 voids, giving Ford an easy 30-6 lead. Dennis Hunko wrestled the first match of the day and lost due to default. Matt Walter (7-0) and Scott Scalici (2:24) won the next two weights for Ford. Adam Miles bumped up two weights from his normal weight class and lost. But Ford II won all the way until heavyweight with wins by Andy Masakowski (2:31), Aaron Howe (1:02), and Brad Moehlig (6-5). Jim Feeney lost to the top ranked kid in the county to finish the first of two meets.
The Falcons took their 54-23 win heading into East Detroit an hour later. The score would be a similar one, winning 46-21. Achieving early wins for the Falcons, both by one point, were Mike Alfieri and Brian Mills. East Detroit accepted the void at 119 and won the next two weights after. But Ford went on to win 7 of the final 9 weight classes. Nick Miles won due to default at 135. Dennis Hunko (140), Scott Scalici (152), Brad Moehlig (215), and Jim Feeney (275) all had pins in the winning effort. Other wins were Aaron Howe's major decision at 189 and Adam Miles's void at 160.
This Week's Wrap-Up(2/7/99-2/13/99)

Ford lacked a full line-up Thursday (2/11/99) as they wrestled at Lincoln against L'Anse Creuse and Sterling Heights. The Falcons had four varsity wrestlers out this week, but wrestled well in two tough meets. Ford still won 7 weight classes, and lost 7 weights. Winners were Brian Mills (pin), Dave Moylan (maj), Nick Miles (tech), Matt Walter (pin), Scott Scalici (min), Aaron Howe (min), and Brad Moehlig (min). Two losses were via void, and two were via JV wrestlers (both freshman who wrestled great). Good Job Scott Mills and Dave Germaine! But the Falcons fell 36-30 to the Lancers. In the next meet, Ford wrestled against the Stallions of Sterling Heights. This was an even bigger mess than the last. There were 8 voids, seven for the Stallions and a single one to Ford. But if there is a good side to losing a dual meet, it was that of the 6 matches that were wrestled, 5 were wins by Ford wrestlers. Winners were Brian Mills (pin), Matt Moylan (pin), Dave Moylan (pin), Nick Miles (pin), Scott Scalici (void), and Aaron Howe (maj). Ford will be in action Saturday (2/13/99) at Richmond in the individual League Tournament.
Ford placed a few wrestlers in the tough league tournament Saturday (2/13/99). Aaron Howe took a 2nd; Brian Mills and Scott Scalici each took a 3rd; Dave Moylan, Nick Miles, Matt Walter, and Brad Moehlig each took 4th. Ford will wrestle at home against Utica Thursday at 4:30, and then the winner will wrestle the winner of Eisenhower/Romeo at 6:00.
This Week's Wrap-Up(2/14/99-End of the Season)

Team districts were held at Ford Thursday (2/18/99). Ford defeated Utica for the second time in as many tries this season, but weren't nearly as fortunate in the finals against the county champions, Romeo. Ford will wrestle at Grosse Pointe South this weekend in the long awaited individual district tournament.
5 of the Falcons' seasons will continue on for at least one more week as Scott Scalici (2nd), Nick Miles (3rd), Dennis Hunko (3rd), Aaron Howe (3rd), and Dave Moylan (4th) have all made it to Regionals. Regionals will be held at Troy High School (take note of this- it was supposed to be held at Troy- Athens). At 125, Dave Moylan suffered a head injury in his match to go on a technical violation and he couldn't continue therefore he won the match. Believe me, he really couldn't continue- he was messed up! He defaulted his 3rd/4th match so he will meet up with the District Champ from the other side. At 135, Nick Miles took a 3rd he lost a tough, close match to get into the finals, but he battled back and won his next two. Dennis Hunko took 3rd at 140. He lost a close one to the eventual district champ in the semi-finals. At 152, Scott Scalici finished 2nd despite his doctor highly suggesting that he sit out for a week due to a bad illness. At 160, Aaron Christopher Howe was a long-shot to go, but the sixth seed wrestled like a senior and finished third. (A little side note: the kid he wrestled for 3rd/4th was the seventh seed). Good Luck next week!
Here are the first matches pairings for Ford:
Dave Moylan (21-17) vs. Dustin Obied (29-10) Livonia Stevenson
Nick Miles (26-15) vs. Imad Kharbush (36-12) Livonia Stevenson
Dennis Hunko (19-14) vs. Jeremy Barrios (29-9) Brother Rice
Scott Scalici (26-12) vs. Jamal Karmach (33-8) Warren Mott
Aaron Howe (27-10) vs. Reuben Goodman (36-4) Berkley

They say that your first match at Regionals is the most important match of your life- No pressure or anything. Well, if that is the case all of Ford's wrestlers were in for some crap from the start because all 5 lost their first match. The wrestle back matches were a little better as Miles, Hunko, Scalici, and Howe all won. Before I continue I must mention Howe's match. Aaron was down 9-1 with about 30 seconds to go in the match and they were neutral. 5 point move (9-6), Escape (10-6), 5 point move (11-10), Match- Aaron wins! Anyway, to our dismay the next four matches ended the season of four Falcons and the high school careers of three (That really sucked cause I'm one of the three). But everyone still had a great year; the year was a whole lotta fun!!
NOTE: these are based on my opinion- I do my best to rank fairly
I apologize if I ever overlook anyone


Scooter T's Top 3 Athletes of the Week(based on record)
1) Dave Moylan 2)Dennis Hunko 3)Dan Tibitoski

Scooter T's Top 3 Wrestlers of the Week(based on attitude)
Mike Alfieri, Jim Feeney, and Andy Masakowski


Scooter T's Top 3 Athletes of the Week(based on record)
1) Dave Moylan 2)Scott Scalici 3)Brad Moehlig

Scooter T's Top 3 Wrestlers of the Week(based on attitude)
Chris Maiorano, Jim Feeney, and Brad Moehlig


Scooter T's Top 3 Athletes of the Week(based on record)
1)Nick Miles 2)Aaron Howe 3)Matt Walter

Scooter T's Top 3 Wrestlers of the Week(based on attitude)
Aaron Howe, Dennis Hunko, and the Moylan Brothers


Scooter T's Top 3 Athletes of the Week(based on record)

Scooter T's Top 3 Wrestlers of the Week(based on attitude)
Everyone who went to all of the practices this week


Scooter T's Top 3 Athletes of the Week(based on record)

Scooter T's Top 3 Wrestlers of the Week(based on attitude)
Everyone who went to all of the practices this week


Scooter T's Top 3 Athletes of the Week(based on record)
1)Brad Moehlig 2)Nick Miles 3)Aaron Howe

Scooter T's Top 3 Wrestlers of the Week(based on attitude)
Jim Feeney, Brad Moehlig, and Dennis Hunko


Scooter T's Top 3 Athletes of the Week(based on record)
1)Nick Miles 2)Brian Mills 3)Brad Moehlig

Scooter T's Top 3 Wrestlers of the Week(based on attitude)
Mike Alfieri, Andy Masakowski, and Chris Maiorano


Scooter T's Top 3 Athletes of the Week(based on record)
1)Adam Miles 2)Andy Masakowski 3)Nick Miles

Scooter T's Top 3 Wrestlers of the Week(based on attitude)
Aaron Howe, Matt Walter, and Scott Scalici


Scooter T's Top 3 Athletes of the Week(based on record)
1)Aaron Howe 2)Brad Moehlig 3)Dennis Hunko

Scooter T's Top 3 Wrestlers of the Week(based on attitude)
Jim Feeney, Nick Miles, and Andy Masakowski


Scooter T's Top 3 Athletes of the Week(based on record)
1)Scott Scalici 2)Brad Moehlig 3)Aaron Howe

Scooter T's Top 3 Wrestlers of the Week(based on attitude)
Adam Miles, Dave Moylan, and Matt Moylan


Scooter T's Top 3 Athletes of the Week(based on record)
1)Aaron Howe 2)Brian Mills 3)Scott Scalici

Scooter T's Top 3 Wrestlers of the Week(based on attitude)
Scott Mills, Dave Germaine, and Seniors

2/14/99-End of the Season

Scooter T's Top 3 Athletes of the Week(based on record)
1)Scott Scalici 2)Aaron Howe 3)Nick Miles

Scooter T's Top 3 Wrestlers of the Week(based on attitude)
Dennis Hunko, Dave Moylan, and Everyone who helped us prepare for Regionals